What plastics do your organisation recycle?

We are happy to work with a range of plastics, and are willing to discuss any polymer to try to find a recycling solution, but often we work with:


  • HDPE – for example wheelie bins, plastic drums and diesel tank
  • PP – for example plastic crates, and plastic buckets
  • ABS – for example reels and plastic bodies
  • PC (polycarbonate) – for example catering trays and plastic water cooler bottles

Why reprocess the material instead of burning it for energy?

Whilst burning plastics is arguably a better way to dispose of plastic waste than using landfills, this is a waste of a recyclable resource - approximately 60% of UK bin rubbish can be recycled - and buring the substance actually results in noxious gases being released into the atmosphere which in itself can have just as much as a harmful effect as throwing it in a landfill, leaving it to decompose for hundreds of years. 

How can Grimsby Granulation Ltd help our company?

Most plastic has the ability to be recycled and used back in manufacture time and time again. Both businesses and individuals have a moral responsibility to recycle, there is often a financial advantage to recycling and before long there will be greater legislative controls in place to ensure that recyclable materials are dealt with through appropriate channels, such as Grimsby Granulation Ltd.

If you have plastic waste we’d love to try to help you recycle it, we make the recycling process easy for you. No worrying just helping the environment. Please contact us to discuss your options.

In the first instance it will help if you could send an e-mail with photos, quantity (in tonnes) and location of your waste plastics. We can then look at the best way to progress with your recycling.

How does using a granulator work in terms of helping the recycling process?

Granulators are large machines, they are similar to a paper shredder you find in an office but they are much larger and shred plastic instead. 


We currently have 3 operational Granulators on site, plastic granulation is the most effective way to downsize plastic waste and we have many instances when we have downsized a full artic load of rigid plastics to just three or four pallets of granulated plastic. This, of course, considerably reduces the onward cost of transportation.